As part of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) efforts to facilitate and promote trade relations between The Gambia and the United States, The US Ambassador to the Gambia, Sharon Cromer, on Tuesday paid a visit to the Chamber’s office where she discussed ways and means of strengthening trade partnership and collaboration to support the country’s private sector.

The meeting was held at Sahel Plaza in Kanifing. It provided a unique opportunity to explore new opportunities for the business sector.

Speaking to reporters shortly after the closed-door meeting, Sharon Cromer, the chief US diplomat in Banjul, said there is a need for more collaboration between the Gambia and the US in trade and business.

“AmCham shows the collaborative efforts and desires of the Gambian people and the people of America to work closely in trade and entrepreneurship, create jobs, and help improve lives,” The US Ambassador told waiting reporters.

She said: “The purpose of my visit is to know the new leadership and offer my support as US Ambassador to the American Chamber of Commerce. We have a great opportunity to collaborate to build up the private sector here and to promote US- Gambia trade for the benefit of the country and the people of the Gambia.”

The top US diplomat also disclosed that they have also discussed the opportunities for training collaboration in bringing the private sector of the two countries together and to encourage investment from good American companies who are doing good work and creating jobs in other countries.

Nyang Njie, Board Member of AmCham, said the Chamber wants to have a blueprint in terms of exposing Gambian companies to partners in the US and equally to help Gambian companies to work export their products from Gambia to the US.

“If you look at farming, fishing, and other sectors, you will see there is a lot that can be done, so harnessing the potential and what young entrepreneurs are doing in the country, AmCham will be the bridge between the Gambia and the US in terms of trade and Commerce.”

American Chamber of Commerce of The Gambia has been helping young Gambians in entrepreneurship and exposing them to a larger market.

The institution’s President, Papa Yusupha Njie, said they’re trying to revive the old partnership with the US embassy in Banjul, and their focus today is to put AmCham back on track.

He said they aim to help create more entrepreneurs who will create jobs and boost the country’s economic challenges.

“The Gambia doesn’t export, and we don’t have any direct flight between Gambia and the US, so the practical thing that Amcham will do in the next few months is to deepen the ties between the two countries.”

Momodou Lamin Drammeh, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the American Chamber of Commerce, said AmCham stands to bridge the gap between the diaspora and Gambia and promote trade between the Gambia and the US.

He announced plans that the Chamber will host a summit in December that will bring all their members under one umbrella to brainstorm on business opportunities and networking, among others.